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“He is a capable and technically skilled conductor, with a clear and authoritative beat.  He is also a good musician with strong musical feelings and convictions.  He expresses these with his baton, face, and body, and he can supplement physical communication with specific verbal instructions. [...] I find that he uses rehearsal time efficiently.

Louie has a passion for music, and his knowledge extends far beyond the repertoire for concert band.  His aural ability, and his deep understanding of the structure of musical compositions, are evidenced by his excellence as a composer.  Would that there were more band conductors with Louie's abilities.”


(Professor Emeritus Stephen Chenette. Toronto, Canada)




 "I found all of your wind band pieces very beautiful and craftily composed."


(Josef Schembri. Birzebbuga Philharmonic Band, Malta) 




“Assieme al maestro Daniele Colla, che ha diretto la parte corale, il statto il bravissimo Louie Madrid Calleja a dirigere quella orchestrale.”


(Corriere Canadese. Toronto, Canada. October 2008)




“This was one amazing composition full of energy and passion. It certainly deserves to be a standard part of the concert band repertoire. If your band is looking for something exciting and new but not obtuse to play at the next concert, this would be a terrific candidate.”


(Dave Ostler: On "Scherzo, Op. 83." Kemble, Canada)

"[A] few days ago someone give (sic) me scores to your Ave Maria [(Op. 74)]. I must say that now it's my favorite one. Very beautiful. Thank you. It's [a] pleasure to sing this."

(Anna Patrys-Trajnowicz, soprano. Wroclaw, Poland)


“If there is a conductor that I trust to work with and play under, it is Louie Calleja.”


(Roger Twance. Montreal, Canada)




“Calleja had great command of the band much the way Kerry Stratton does when he is conducting at the [Orillia] Opera House; he's very precise with his time and knows the scores very well, cueing the various entries with precision. [...] It was probably the best sounding thing I've heard from a wind ensemble in [...] ages.”


(John Swartz. Orillia Packet and Times. Orillia, Ontario, Canada. October 2011)



Choir and voice

Wind Symphony


Chamber ensembles



"Where the Dragonflies Swoon" (Rhapsody for Solo Flute and Wind Symphony), Op. 92
Ulrich Kretschmar (Orillia, Canada) and the Orillia Wind Ensemble (Roy Menagh, music director)

Anthem ("Cheer Loud, Cheer Proud for Jarvis!"), Op. 84
Words by Max Barkley
Jarvis Collegiate Institute (Toronto, Canada)
(Anita Kwok, music director)

In Memoriam (To the Memory of Bob McLean), Op. 81
Northdale Concert Band (Toronto, Canada)
Stephen Chenette (music Director)

Message in Scarlet (To the Eternal Feminine), Op. 80
Hart House Symphonic Band (Toronto, Canada)
Keith Reid (music Director)

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