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Words in Isolation

Tale of a Trinket (2008)
Like an item in a department store window he stared at the outside from within the glass. He has seen many eyes and many smiles, felt the passage of time accompanied only by the ringing of the silent air that surrounds him. He has seen frost and mist, laughter and tears, have felt love...but always within the confines of the glass prison that silences all screams and professions of deep emotion.

Always he stares back at the outside, looking at the curious smiles looking in from the world without, trying to smile back with the hope that one of them will not be an offspring from the union of Curiosity and Novelty. But always they walk away, forgetting to look back, never noticing that the one who stares from the world within the glass window smiles back at them.

...for he is and always will be nothing more than a novelty.


Like an item in a department store window, he sits...no longer looking at the people looking in from the world without. "They all leave...they always leave...," he sat muttering to himself as the air within the glass rang...

...in deafening silence.

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